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· Administrative, procedural, accounting and normative consulting at a national level.
· Advising and preparation of procedures and programs for administrative planning and control.
· Review of administrative systems.
· Advising, preparation and presentation of reports and/or monthly balance sheet adaptable to the information requirements of the company
· Preparation of necessary Financial Statements at the closing of the fiscal year.
· Issuing of Pre-qualifying Rulings, Accounting Reports and Certifications.
· Advising and preparation of projection and review of the accounting information.

· Control and fulfillment of the Obligations with national and provincial control and inspection entities.
· Tracking and advising in summoning for the call to Board of Director meetings and Shareholders Assembly.
· Procedures to carry out at the Bureau of Legal Entities
A. Constitution of Companies
B. Reorganization of companies (Mergers, Demergers)
C. Registration of directors and presentation of accounting information
D. Gathering and presentation of documentation at the Bureau
E. Edict publication
F. Assembly Minutes
G. Preparation of the legal obligatory books

· Preparation of accounting notes.
· Review of Payment Orders.
· Payment to suppliers.
· Control of field expenses advance reports, as well as previous checks for their approval by authorized staff.

· Bank reconciliations and allocation of the bank expenses generated by the use of the accounts. Preparation and request of funds necessary for the monthly management, made to the parent company.
· Assistance to the regional management.
· Allocation and registration of the expenses.

Controls, audits and examination of the financial statements will be made applying the professional accounting regulations in force and will include all those audit procedures that are considered necessary for each request. The Administration of the Company must organize in order to fulfill their management efficiently.

For this we must establish the accounting information administrative system in order to prove adequate information for the decision making and this way facilitate the fulfillment of the tax, legal and corporate obligations according to the legal regulations in force.
· Registration, modifications, and proceedings in general at the Labor Department.
· Monthly salaries and earnings settlement of full-time personnel.
· Settlement and calculation of employers' contributions and submission of the corresponding forms at ANSES.

· Preparation and submission of sworn declarations of the Integrated System of Retirement and Pensions (SIJP) and other proceedings at the corresponding labor union.
· Update of the personnel at the Labor Risk Insurances.

· Proceedings at the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP-DGI) and the Public Revenue Department.
· Preparation and submission of monthly statements of VAT, Gross Revenue (local and collective agreement), and withholdings.
· Preparation of tax books.
· Preparation of annual Tax Returns for VAT, Income Tax, and Personal Asset Tax.

· Permanent advice for the calculation of tax and social security withholdings, as well as any other doubt that may arise in the labor and social security area.
· Monitoring of revisions and controls of collecting agencies.
· Monitoring of VAT returns and reimbursements.

· We have trained personnel for the inheritance procedures.